The Gaming Post Has Been Updated


The Bearded One
Staff member
Just finished updating the TGP website. Gonna take some time to tweak everything to how we had it, but to minimize downtime I went ahead and reactivated the board. Please be patient as changes are made with the new update.
I would suggest, black and blue for playstation, White and green for Xbox, and for Switch, maybe just go with Black Green and Blue. I mean arguably yes Red would probably fit better, but that's more demonic and you might as well save that for like PC gaming theme or something because black with red lighting is very popular there. Lots of cases have a red glow like their computer is a friggin reactor.

Playstation could also be interesting with a grey red and blue theme but htat would be like OG Playstation, though technically White and Green is OG 360, while black and Green is OG Xbox.

Just some color idea thoughts.