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Stardew Valley Is a Must Buy For Harvest Moon Lovers

Discussion in 'Nintendo' started by SaintAvalon, Oct 8, 2017.

  1. SaintAvalon

    SaintAvalon New Member

    Aug 10, 2017
    So i barely remember Harvest Moon but this game is very reminiscent of that style of game. You get an envelope told to open when you're tired of your busy life and it is your grandpa's old farm.

    Lots of space first off, the game gives you a house and a nice HUGE plot, and now you can even choose which type of area you want (the default is what i like) but you can have rivers, hills / mountains, enemies at night etc if you want. There are choices for replayability right there alone.

    Also, there's lots to do, sure i'm planting and watering none stop, and also cleaning up space to get a tree farm going. The game is just simple fun in the most basic definition. You aren't stressed (except sometimes for time!) which makes the experience almost like a zen garden where you can make an area you're own, and as you gain money and clean more up there is just soooo much space.

    I'm early on, but have over 6 hours and i love it. Perfect second screen experience as well, throw on a netflix movie and plop this in and the movies over and you're going wait what?

    Do yourselves a favor and throw 15$ and have a farmalish fun with RPG elements (you get level ups at night sometimes with new recipes / etc) and a cave system to go fighting, plus a world that has things going on. Also, quests!
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