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Spotify Now Available On Xbox One

Discussion in 'The Gaming Post News' started by BigPete7978, Aug 12, 2017.

By BigPete7978 on Aug 12, 2017 at 1:51 AM
  1. BigPete7978

    BigPete7978 Wielder Of Banhammer Staff Member

    Aug 5, 2017
    Spotify has been exclusive to the PlayStation 4 console for quite some time now. Well that time has ended, and Xbox One users can finally enjoy the music streaming service on their consoles. It supports your Spotify account, playlists, and background music for when you are playing games. Have you tried out the app yet?
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Discussion in 'The Gaming Post News' started by BigPete7978, Aug 12, 2017.

    1. SaintAvalon
      Oh shit i heard they were going to, didn't know out now! of course nothing works on my new dash so not like i'd be able to launch it easily lol.

      Still going to get it i love spotify.
    2. BigPete7978
      You have the new dash? I haven't used it yet. Hearing a lot of mixed feelings about it.
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    3. SaintAvalon
      It's garbage. The bar is now horizontal and all the tabs don't show the info, you have to click through a "link" that pops another tab.

      I mean it's fast, but why? Why do another step to a tab i'm on that clearly says friends, just let me see friends and what they are doing.

      Mostly the guide pisses me off, the dash itself the sucks in that they changed pins to be 16 instead of 30 which blows. Moving pins is also convoluted with requiring you to go into guide to move things.

      Also, right now the dash for me (alpha) is broken everything (my customization) resets every time i boot system up. And i can't actually use the new pin a game to your dash instead of in the pins section it has it's own bar basically. but i can't do that yet either.

      Those are some of the cooler things that just don't work, check reddit man there is a picture i think indie or someone i have blocked on ign posted in the dash thread. Shows the space used and what shows information (useful stuff) and what's wasted space (Show's nothing, or is ad)... it's not good.
    4. BigPete7978
      Damn that sucks. I can't stand crappy design choices. Alpha or not it should work somewhat. Sounds more broken than anything.
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