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Sony Not Allowing Cross Play For Ark: Survival Evolved

Discussion in 'The Gaming Post News' started by BigPete7978, Aug 19, 2017.

By BigPete7978 on Aug 19, 2017 at 1:36 PM
  1. BigPete7978

    BigPete7978 Wielder Of Banhammer Staff Member

    Aug 5, 2017
    Crossplay has become a popular request for many of the games out there. Recently on Twitter a user asked Jeremy Stieglitz (Lead Designer, Lead Programmer, Co Director)about crossplay for Ark: Survival Evolved between the PS4 and Xbox One. He had an interesting thing to say about why it hasn't happened yet.
    What are your thoughts of Sony not allowing crossplay with the Xbox One for Ark: Survival Evolved? Are you hoping they will add it in the future?


Discussion in 'The Gaming Post News' started by BigPete7978, Aug 19, 2017.

    1. HowlPendragon
      It sucks for the gamers, but as a business I understand why they wouldn't allow it. People want to play on the console their friends use. Allowing cross play would remove one of those reasons to choose one over the other.
    2. BigPete7978
      I get what you're saying, but there are several games that would benefit from this IMO. This game being one of them, I primarily play games on my Xbox One, but use my PlayStation 4 for exclusives. Games like Ark and Minecraft are titles that would be amazing cross play IMO.
    3. HowlPendragon
      I agree. It would be awesome to play Rocket League with more people. But Minecraft definitely would never happen. Microsoft requires Switch players to sign in with a separate XBL account. They'd be getting a huge boost in users to show off to their investors.
    4. BigPete7978
      I hear you on that, but Minecraft is it's own money cow, regardless of numbers it's gonna bring in a ton of money. I know Sony will never agree to it, but a guy can dream for crossplay right? :p
    5. Radiovid
      I think it has more to do with Crossplay with other home consoles rather than Crossplay in general with Sony. After all Gwent, Eve: Valkyrie, Street Fighter 5, Paragon, and others have Crossplay between PS4 and PC.

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