Some forgotten games you want on the Switch?

No specific order here no virtual console titles allowed. That'll be for another time. Creativity please lol.

Plants Versus Zombies 2. I've played 1 to death platinumed the game on the Vita, got all the steam achievements, kinda done with the first one. While it has plenty of microtransactions, none of them are required at all to progress and the game is better with the added challenge anyway. The first game was pulled from the Vita.

Dragon's Crown. Was great for the PS3 and Vita, would be even better on the Switch. No more cross-save fumbling.

Scott Pilgrim Vrs the World. Licencing got borked and the game got pulled from the PS3, let's rejuvinate this game and give it a second life on the Switch! Pipe dream however.

Organ trail. Oregon Trail with zombies. Again already has cross-save/play stuff, let people do a co-op campaign on the Switch.

Skulls of the Shogun. I got the game for free with Plus, played it, and got hooked. It's a turn based, strategy game, that just works out to be kinda fun. I mean flat out... Why not?

Towerfall Ascension. Was released quite a while ago for the Ouya, then ported to various platforms, but fact is, the game is simple. A button to jump, a button to shoot, why wouldn't it work on the Switch? It's the kind of game that will make you laugh or cry battling your friends. Why not?

Lethal League. It's like Pong on steroids. I love taking an Aligator with headphones and bouncing a ball at super speed into my friends, very skill based, very fun. Watch out for the smiley face dude. Fucker is evil. Everyone has like a special power though. Could be interesting on Switch not sure if the controllers would work though.