Price watching, management? What do you use.

I personally use PS Prices. It's not just for Playstation but that's what the name is.

Here's switch prices. Now what it does, is it looks at platform stores, digitally. It also sometimes keeps track of games through like Amazon and other retailers, but the benefit is that you can see the price of a game overtime.

For example you can see here that Dragon's Crown on the Vita was going on sale fairly regularly. It's lowest price was $10, if you missed out on the PS Plus freebie offer, and it goes on sale for $15 every quarter roughly except a 9 month gap in which they probably forgot the game existed. So if I wanted to grab the game on sale, I could look at the trends and save up my money and go "Maybe end of December or the January 18/18 sale if they have one that year"

You can also set up e-mail notifications for when prices drop.

It's nice to know that I Am Setsuna is 40% off incase you were interested. Thumper is 25% off. if you own it probably not a justification to get it. But I can see that Thumper hasn't been on sale since October, it's cheapest pricing was $10 in August, so if you aren't ready at $15, maybe you'll see it drop to $10 in a few months on the Switch.

You can also have the website email you. So, I say use it. I love the site which is why I wanted to sing its praises here.