Last Day To Get Turing Test And Nights: Into Dreams

Just a reminder that today is the last day to get The Turing Test and Nights Into Dreams from the Games With Gold program. So if you haven’t logged into the Store and added them to your account, get to it. The next set of available games is Tales From The Borderlands and Deadfall.
The Turing Test was really fun, and had a solid story if not some what easy to guess mostly what's up. It's fun still though, and the idea is interesting to think of as well.

Think Portal with out the portal gun, diff mechanic but still a "gun" of sorts. Very fun.
Man that post is a little f'ed up i must have been on a tablet. I meant the game has a solid story and the puzzles aren't too hard for those worried it might be too hard... Some you can guess easily, others do require you to fiddle a bit then once you see the space it's like okay i see how everything fits together.

So it's a fun puzzle game that will feel rewarding for some if not many of the puzzles, but won't make you hate yourself for not getting a puzzle as you'll get them all over time.

Weird, it was like i had a brain aneurysm for that first line.