Fortnite Battle Royal

Hey @BigPete7978 @Stray @Mike Fudge Fortnite while not free, i know two of us got copies thanks to big ol' pete here... but Battle Royal is free if you don't own it Stray and the mode is pretty fucking crazy.

First and foremost they offer duo and squads (up to 4 but you can have fewer against other 4 squads). The 4 of us would be a team against others, or we can have 3 group or even 2 duo's or just duo's when some of us aren't on or aren't in the mood.

I have company over frequently too that plays fortnite all the time i know he'd love me to play more. Just no mic for that system yet, but getting you guys into it with us would be dope, more the merrier.
I'll download on the weekend and give it a try, my son been bugging me for it so if it's free may as well. Will def be grabbing pubg too.
The battle royal mode is free, and it has leveling, stats, quests that pop up daily now... so that's cool. I took pic of some of my early duo stats where i kept placing in top 5 and top 10... no elusive first place yet with my neighbor (legit my good bud is next door). He's had 2 or maybe now three first places in solo.

It's fun though with at least one other, the solo isn't my thing. I like playing with others it can be slow paced if you want to place hire, there's running but there's always high tension, you can hear your enemies... it's intense, and if you get to the last 20, then the last 10 it's crazy intense because then you want it even if you started out with meh whateves...
Not sure why PC/Xbox One Cross-play isn't enabled. Maybe I'll download it incase they do enable it. Odd though. It should be trivial to lock Sony users out, and have it enabled for everyone else.