Blizzard Subtly Makes Fun Of EA

EA has been under fire as of late because of the controversy surrounding the loot boxes with Star Wars Battlefront II. Many gamers are quite upset, and feel that the game is pay to win. Blizzard recently announced that StarCraft II would be going Free To Play, and released the following trailer taking jabs at EA.

As funny as that commercial is... Kinda gotta wonder how they defend "Heroes of the Storm" since you can literally buy higher tier units. Of course you can grind them out as well.
Hilarious, love it.

EA does NOT know how to do free to play and they clearly keep telling or putting their hands in and telling devs how to monitize. Look at their Star Wars MMO, worst pile of shit ever when it comes to free 2 play. You have to pay just to have a title above your head, basically everything has a price tag in that game it's crazy going into it.

I'm not happy with progression coming from random loot boxes, i'm okay with cosmetics but requiring me to get my weapons / attachments/ specials / etc game play things no fuck off suck it.

After beta literally looked at friend and was like so i think i'm going to get cod instead of this bullshit, and he was like yeah i'm good with that. We both wanted star wars more, but beta was just blah no. I'm more a i paid the money give me the fucking full game, this isn't mobile.
Almost every MMO has a form of lootbox drops, and then they realize they need to do a progression tier of some sort so that even if you have absurdly stupid luck (no item for your class for 5 clears and then the one time it is the item you want you can't Need on it because you had to use another class)

They eventually move away from that and get to the point where you get 1 guaranteed drop (in FFXIV it's a box that gives you a weapon from what ever class opens it) so that you can at least get a weapon for a class you want, for clearing it. You all have to lot on said box, but at least you can give that to the person who needs it the most, or guarantee a weapon for a backup class you're going to switch to later.

plus they have time locked, stuff that encourages you to play, and they monetize holiday rewards from over a year ago, as exclusive no longer obtainable rewards. I'm not sure how I'd feel about a box you can buy that gives you a fancy weapon of a certain level but I wouldn't buy it. Even if I liked it a lot, it would be the "Haha you suck" weapon and then people would probably boot you. XD

So i'll stick with the scythes I paid like $5 so my healer, some of my magic users, and some of my tanks can use scythes. <3 scythes in FFXI.