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More Xbox Classics Being Added

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The Xbox One has been getting some awesome backwards compatibility support. So far back as the some of the original Xbox titles being added. What’s great...

My PlayStation Has Been Revealed

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Let’s face it, gamers aren’t alway around their consoles, and they may want to manage their profiles elsewhere. Yes there are apps, but what if you are...

Xbox’s March Lineup For Games With Gold Revealed

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This month’s Xbox Games With Gold titles have been revealed.
  • Trials Of The Blood Dragon
  • SuperHot
  • Brave
  • Quantum Conundrum

Burnout Paradise Remaster Has Been Confirmed

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Burnout Paradise was a game that many loved. With the game releasing originally back in 2008, and with the popularity of remastered games this gen, it is...

Secret Of Mana Remake Now Available

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Secret Of Mana originally launched on the Super Nintendo back in 1993. Well the game has been remade for the PlayStation 4, and is officially out today...

Sea Of Thieves Announces Winner Of Achievement Competition

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During the beta, Rare announced they were having a competition for the Sea Of Thieves community, to create an achievement. This achievement would be...

Next Free Play Days For All Event

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Microsoft occasionally does not only free play weekends for specific games, but also Xbox Live Gold as well. It looks as if the latter will be happening...

Sea Of Thieves Gets New Accessories

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With the upcoming release of Sea Of Thieves many gamers are excited. Well controller collectors and people in need of a new hard drive are about to get...

Rare Releases A New Trailer Regarding The Lore In Sea Of Thieves

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Sea Of Thieves looks to be an exciting game for Xbox One and PC gamers. Many have already participated in the Closed Beta that was held earlier this...

Xbox One DUKE Wired Controller Now Available For Pre-Order

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The original Xbox, yes we all remember it. Well the original Xbox controller is now available for pre-order if you are a fan of it. The DUKE can now be...

Destiny Forums Now Have A New Requirement

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Bungie’s Destiny 2 game launched late last year, and it has been pretty diverse in the thoughts on the game. Some people love it, while others hate it...

New PlayStation Gold Wireless Headset To Be Released Soon

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Many have enjoyed the original PlayStation Gold Headset, well there is a new one that is set to arrive in stores in the next few weeks. It will retail...

PlayStation 4 5.50 System Software Update Detailed

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The PlayStation 4 will be getting it’s next system software update soon. The Beta actually just rolled out to users. It will include the following...

MLB The Show 18 Gameplay Trailer

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MLB The Show has been the top baseball game for quite some time now, and it helps the PlayStation brand since it is exclusive to that system. Every year...

Far Cry 5 Season Pass Detailed

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Ubisoft’s next entry into the Far Cry series looks to be a good one. Far Cry 5 takes us to a new locale in Hope County, Montana. Even with the huge open...

Sony Has New Management

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Kazuo Harai has been in charge of Sony since 2012, well things have changed. It was announced that he will be taking on a new role as Director, Chairman...

Final Fantasy XV Patch 1.21 Released

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Final Fantasy XV has been getting a steady support of content since it released in November of 2016. In fact, a new patch (Patch 1.21) was just released...

Far Cry 3 Classic Edition Announced

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Far Cry 3 is a favorite to many fans of the series. It was just announced that the Classic Edition of the game will be included with the Season Pass for...

Destiny 2 Roadmap Revealed

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Destiny 2 is a game most gamers either love or hate, doesn’t seem to be much in between. Many have criticized the micro transactions within the game, as...

Red Dead Redemption 2 Releasing October 26, 2018

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There is no doubt that Red Dead Redemption 2 is a game that many gamers are anxiously awaiting. The title was originally supposed to release this Spring...

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