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Overcharge Shown Off In New Xbox Game Pass Commercial

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Sunset Overdrive was a great game for the Xbox One, and with it's addition to the Xbox Game Pass Microsoft decided to feature it in a recent commercial. Enjoy! Hoping this is signs of an eventual Sunset Overdrive 2.

Happy Birthday Xbox Live!

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Xbox Live officially launched 15 years ago today! What are your favorite gaming moments on the online service? Also what are some of your favorite features that have been added over the years, and what else would you like to see added...

Last Day To Get Turing Test And Nights: Into Dreams

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Just a reminder that today is the last day to get The Turing Test and Nights Into Dreams from the Games With Gold program. So if you haven’t logged into the Store and added them to your account, get to it. The next set of available games is Tales From The Borderlands and Deadfall.

Gifting Officially Live For Xbox One

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For a while now Xbox One Preview users have been able to test out the gifting of games to friends. This is a feature that has been requested for a while now. It is already incredibly popular on fellow services like Steam. Major Nelson said the feature is now officially live for everyone on the Xbox...

Blizzard Subtly Makes Fun Of EA

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EA has been under fire as of late because of the controversy surrounding the loot boxes with Star Wars Battlefront II. Many gamers are quite upset, and feel that the game is pay to win. Blizzard recently announced that StarCraft II would be going Free To Play, and released the following trailer...

Fighting EX Layer Coming PS4, Beta As Well

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Arika has announced that Fighting EX Layer is the “Mysterious Fighting Game” that they have been working on. The game will be heading to the PlayStation 4, and a beta will begin on December 11th for two weeks. Below is a trailer for the upcoming game.

PlayStation VR DOOM VFR Bundle Announced

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The PlayStation VR is getting a bundle with the upcoming DOOM VFR game. Announced today that on December 1 players will be able to get the PlayStation VR System, PlayStation Camera, Updated Demo Disc, and DOOM VFR all in one bundle. For those interested it will set them back $399. Will you be...

New Secrets And New Moves In Pokémon Ultra Sun And Moon

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A set of new Pokémon games are right around the corner, and they are more than just a quick remake. Pokémon Ultra Sun and Pokémon Ultra Moon are set to bring a lot more to the table than their predecessors. Though, gamers aren’t sure as of yet all of what will be included. As of right now we have...

Noctis Is Headed To Tekken 7

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Characters from other series sometimes make appearances as DLC in fighting games. This can benefit both series. Many gamers like fighting as these characters out of their element, and it can introduce other gamers to a new series as well if they end up getting the game that the character is from...

Okami HD Official Trailer And Available For Pre-Order

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Okami is regarded as a classic to many gamers. Fantastic story, great art style, and just all around good game that needs to be played by gamers. Which is why many were excited when Capcom announced that an HD title simply known as Okami HD will be heading the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. Once...

Looks Like No More Deadpool Once Again

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Activision originally launched the Deadpool game on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 back in 2013. Suddenly the game was so longer available to purchase because Activision had lost rights to Deadpool. Then when the Ryan Reynolds Deadpool movie came out, popularity for the character of course increased, so...

Xbox Avatars Delayed Till Next Year

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Not too long ago Microsoft announced an update that would be hitting the Xbox Avatars, which originally debuted on the Xbox 360. Originally the update was slated to launch with the Fall Creator’s Update, which just came out. Now it seems like we will have to wait a bit longer. Recently on Twitter a...

Niantic Hard At Work On Harry Potter AR Game

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The people behind Pokémon Go, Niantic Labs seem to be hard at work on the upcoming Harry Potter Wizards Unite title. According to Niantic you will take on powerful enemies and beasts while joining other wizards in the fight.

More Harry Potter Games In The Future

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Harry Potter is a worldwide phenomenon. New movies, books, collectibles, etc. are all bought by fans of the series. There were even some games back on the PC, PS2, and GameCube. The games may have not been the best, but fans seemed to enjoy them. With that being said Portkey Games was created. This...

GameStop Selling Initial Xbox One X Shipments Fast

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The Xbox One X launched earlier this week and it is selling quite well. According to Bob Puzon, GameStop SVP of merchandising it is selling incredibly well and they are almost through the first shipment of the consoles. Here is what he had to say:
“Sales of the new Xbox One X have been...

EA Is Buying Respawn

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EA has purchased several developers over the years, including big names like Bioware. Well it looks as if there they are pursuing the developer of Titanfall, Respawn. The deal is said to be worth around $455 million dollars.

PlayStation App Gets A Complete Overhaul

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The official PlayStation app has received a significant overhaul on it’s interface. It now features a much more streamlined experienced. What are your thoughts on the new look for the app...

Some Xbox One X Consoles Having Issues

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With the launch of every console there are issues, and the Xbox One X is no exception. It seems some users while playing their new games are experiencing the console completely turning off and not turning back on at all. Hopefully this is just a software issue and not a hardware issue...

StarCraft II Going Free To Play

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Even though StarCraft II originally released in 2010 and has received several expansions over the years in Heart Of The Swarm and Legacy Of The Void. It was announced today at Blizzcon that on November 14th the game will be going free to play. Those that paid for the game originally will be getting Heart Of The Swarm for free. This will be great for those that want to play the game.

Guacamelee! 2 On The Way

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The original Guacamelee! game from Drinkbox Studios was a fantastic game. It was announced today that the sequel will be released “soon”. The trailer for the sequel can be viewed below.

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